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Compassionate Immigration Lawyer in Orlando, FL

Contact The Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr., for a great immigration lawyer in Orlando, FL. Our law firm has experience in solving most of your immigration law issues. Our immigration lawyer offers a wide range of immigration services that include the following:

Immigration Lawyer - Orlando, FL
  • Family-Based Immigration (Immediate Relatives & the Preference System)
  • Naturalization & Citizenship (N-400 for Applications for Permanent Residents That Want to Adjust Status to Naturalized Citizen)
  • Citizenship Applications (N-600 Applications for Permanent Residents Who Are Parent Citizens When the Applicant Was a Minor but Failed to Include Child in Application)
  • Adjustment of Status to Permanent Resident Based on Immediate Relative Relationship
  • Consular Processing (Processing of Application at Embassy in the Beneficiary's Respective Country)
  • Deportation/Relief Such as Cancellation of Removal, Asylum, and Various Waivers Depending on the Basis for Deportation
  • Aggravated Felonies & Criminal Deportation (Analysis of Criminal Convictions & Determining Whether Legal Basis to Contest Deportation)
  • Non-Immigrant Visas (Immigrant Visas for Individuals Who Want to Remain in the United States for a Limited Time & for a Limited Purpose)

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